managing solutions at enterprise scale

Many organizations in the enterprise space go to market with combinations of offerings that solve complex market problems like vehicle emissions, railroad communications, factory automation . We refer to these offerings as "solutions"

In this white paper, we describe a role, solution management, that leverages product management skills and frameworks, but goes beyond traditional PM to coordinate multiple teams and even companies to deliver solutions to the market. Sign up to have the paper delivered to your inbox. We never spam.

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    We provide a framework for planning and executing a "Product Management Transformation" that provides insightful, battle-tested, and time-saving tools and techniques.


    We can do a structured assessment of your organization whether you have a formal product management function or not. Based on our Maturity Score, we can simulate the impact of investments in improving effectiveness.


    We have helped multiple organizations, including global technology companies, to transform their product management function into a competitive advantage. Let's talk about how we can help you.